Find friends by hobbies

Find friends by hobbies

Making friends about hobbies – how does that work? Depending on the hobby, this is easier or more difficult, but the good news is that it works almost always, because even if you do not have hobbies, there are many ways to get to know each other. We’ll tell you a few tricks and in the end you’ll get a tip for the top hobby to make friends!




OK, there are these classic hobbies like football, volleyball, handball or aerobics where you are in an association right from the start and just get in contact with other people out of the constellation. Of course, club sports are always great for socializing. That’s why a club is really a good option when you’re new to the city. You can do what you enjoy anyway, find new friends and practice the hobby or sport together – as soon as clubs are involved, finding friends is really easy. But what if the hobby is not organized by a club?


Hobby without joining a club

There are many possibilities – swimming for example. Swimming is healthy, keeps you fit and fun. To meet people but rather difficult if everyone pulls his own way. But there are also possibilities here: the bubble beds are a perfect place to talk to others. Together, watching the people in the pool and if something funny happens there, simply address the „neighbors“ and laugh together. Read our best tips for this. Possibility # 2: Swimming in the club. Actually, most hobbies can be done through a club. With all the advantages that club life offers. Think about it.

Other hobbies, such as Hiking offers the same opportunity. Club as an option (tip: membership in the Alpine Club) but who does not want, can either book in a hut and come there with other travelers in contact or on the route looking for the conversation. Both work, but simply stay relaxed. If it works: rejoice. If not: enjoy the hike.


Find friends by hobbies

Many hobbies are easily possible even without a club, for example running or cycling. A bike ride with friends is always a nice thing. You are in nature, doing sports, then have something to gain. Find out how to find bike friends in this article.

Another really cool option is beach volleyball. We have summarized here how you can make friends in beach volleyball. Sun, sport, cool people – the conditions are ideal!

Find friends through foreign languages

Bonjour! In every city there are „Stammtisch“ to which people with language interests meet. Often it is students who want to cultivate their native language but also people who just enjoy foreign languages, want to practice and train languages ​​or – people like to get to know you! Speaking foreign languages ​​is one thing, traveling together may be the second. Many good friendships have already been made about the language.
So take the chance to pep up your language skills and find friends who speak the same language!

By the way: if you want to find German friends, then we have tips for you. This is interesting, for example, if you are here as an au pair or just want to get to know more „locals“. Just take a look.

Cook with friends

If „sports is murder“ is your motto, hiking and swimming are of course flat. Maybe you cook or travel like that. On the topic travel I recommend you the article „friends with the train“. And if you like to cook: Invite friends (they bring friends) and you just cook together. Tip: start a game night after cooking, because that just goes down well.

A cool idea is also the „Dinner in the Dark„. The host initially has the task of sealing all light sources. So shutters down, mask all standby lights with painters crepe and provide for absolute darkness. Then each guest brings a dish (we play mostly with appetizer, intermediate course, main course, desert) and then is served in absolute darkness and eaten. Super interesting, super funny and a cool thing, which also provides a lot of conversation later. Making friends by hobbies


I have no hobby

You do not have a hobby? Nothing is fun for you? That does not exist. Think hard, what you like to do. Cinema, cycling, traveling are also suitable. Visit museums, lie down in the park with a blanket, go for walks or volunteer or join a city tour. There are really many possibilities. The important thing is: leave your own four walls. Enter the stage of life because only there you will be seen, only there you will be found and with that the first step has already been made.

1. Leave your 4 walls

Sure, your new friends do not just come by and ring you. You have to get out of your 4 walls. Only in real life can you meet people who are like you. If you do not like going out the door, then we have a good tip for you: read on here

2. Get in touch

OK, so you’re out, you’re on the way. Next, it’s about getting in touch with people. This happens everywhere and constantly, whether in the queue at the post office or on public transport. It also does not matter who you come in contact with. All contacts are good. And because that is the case, we have given the topic of socializing a chapter of its own.

3. response

Addressing strangers is the fourth and most difficult step. Believe me, this also works better and better with practice. The basic requirement is that you are approachable. So headphone out, iPhone weglegen and look for eye contact. It’s so easy

After a conversation – ideally a very nice and entertaining conversation – just swap numbers and make the best directly make the next meeting.


Find friends over hobbies or without hobbies

You see, finding friends about hobbies works pretty well. The easiest way is of course about clubs but even without a club there are really many possibilities. And if you have no hobbies, just do what you enjoy and be approachable. We have put together the best tips for you. Click here. ?

At this point, another recommendation: a mega good hobby is the concept of youth work. Making friends with youth work works really well and has a lot of advantages for you. Occupational benefits, you can strengthen your self-confidence, gain experience, make new friends – so there are really only benefits.

Another good option is outdoor events. Not a real hobby but it fits in thematically quite well. Events such as rafting on the Isar are offered by various providers. Groupon has a lot of cool actions in the program and even offers decent discounts.

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Find friends by hobbies

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