make new friends for adults

Finding new friends for adults can be difficult. Of course as a child, you had friends and during your studies, attended parties and learning groups. These were the sources for a large circle of friends. And today? Finding friends as an adult is much more difficult; but it is possible.


How time changes us

As a child, you did not even think about it. Friends, they were just there. During your time in school, your circle of friends changed, as you discover what your interests are. Then you start a career – often this is combined with a move and the first problem begin. You find a partner and start a family. This in itself is a beautiful, new situation and therefore it is not as noticeable that your circle of friends are less of a priority as they once were.
It starts at around 35 years old. The children are in school and you have more free time yourself. Time that many of us spend alone, because your circle of friends are absent or are themselves employed.


“I have always felt alone and lonely,” says Miriam. She is actually an open and cheerful person. Miriam loves her family. But that’s why she wants variety in her life. Miriam describes how many people go as they get older: starting at 35 brings one to life. Was that it? From now on only everyday life, family and job? “I’ve had a job change, it has been exciting, but colleagues have been less cooperative, so I longed for friends, people I can trust.”


Variety in life

What Miriam lacks is variety. Variety in life is the source from which we recharge our batteries. We need a fresh breeze, because otherwise the thoughts always turn in a circle. New people around us are helping us to see things from a new perspective. That’s how we solve problems or get over them more easily.


Making new friends for adults

there is no universal recipe. There are approaches, but a guide to “How can I make new friends for adults – preferably from home” is not and will never be reality. Maybe that’s how should be.
 Most friendships arise over common interests. On the one hand, because interests connect but also because many hobbies are carried out together. For example, someone who likes to play beach volleyball, go rafting or likes to have a game night has very good options for finding friends because there are many people with these same interests. There are associations for practically all hobbies, and some cities also support this with interest groups. is often confused with a dating portal. But this is not about as fast as possible to collect a similar number of digital contacts as on Facebook. The goal is rather to get in touch with each other. This can happen through this platform or completely independently by looking for clubs and groups in your area. Real friendship exists only in real life. In the end, therefore, it is not the number of digital contacts that counts, but rather the joint activities done with eachother. supports you here.


Why not?

Many people fail at their own hurdle. It is difficult for them to take the first step. Even a trivial question about the way or the right ticket is uncomfortable for some adults. Therefore you prefer to ask the iPhone and delimit themselves. 
Anyone who wants to make new friends for adults must therefore be open and overcome their own limits. That sounds easy and it is. However, it requires rethinking and struggling because we become more self-centered with age. 
With common leisure activities, hobbies or in the club you can make contacts. Train trips work surprisingly well, because you sit there for a long time next to each other and have some similarities. Just click through the articles to discover the best method for you.

It is work

You can not buy friendships. You have to work it out. Especially finding long-term friendships can require a lot of strength, it goes through highs and lows together. That is exactly what it is that makes friendship so valuable and therefore so important to us as human beings to have. To have a person outside of family and work that you can fully trust. No matter, if you search German friends or anywhere in the world.

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make new friends for adults

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Finding friends as an adult

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