Making friends during learning German at first it sounds quite good because it combines two things. German is a difficult language and learning it with friends is a great opportunity and makes it even easier. You can motivate and help each other and also have fun. Many have the problem that they do not speak German and therefore they cannot find German friends. Without German friends, however, learning German is extremely difficult. We will give you a trick today, how you can combine both, so you can find friends during learning German.


What’s the reason?

I was with a friend today by the Isar River. He speaks very good German, but his mother tongue is Arabic. He told me about his uncle and he had a trick. The trick is so good and so simple that we want to show it to you today.



Deutsch lernen Freunde finden in Deutschland

Learn German and find friends in Germany

The uncle has bought a German book. There are a lot of German books and you can buy a book for beginners (A1) or an advanced level. The book has to fit to your German skills, so I have put the link to a book for beginners. Then you look for a nice bench in a park where many people come by.

Sit on the park bench and read the German book. Try to understand the sentences and learn the grammar. You will certainly read some parts that you do not understand. For example, why do you say “Put that on the table” but “It stands on the table?” . There are many rules in German language which are often not clear even for us Germans. So if you read your book and do not understand something, ask people.

Deutsch ganz leicht

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The advantage is that you are sitting on a park bench and people are constantly passing by. Ask politely, if they can shortly help you. Ask a question and the person will help you and explain you the sentence or you can ask for further examples.


Conversation topics

It is often difficult to talk to strangers. Many foreigners say that it is difficult to start a conversation with Germans. If you sit on the park bench and kindly ask for help, others will be happy to help you. You are very fast in a conversation and that’s good.

It is important that there are good and bad conversation topics. So there are topics you should not be talking about. So we have written an article about good and bad conversations. It will help you if you read this article. One of the good topics is your German book. When a nice woman sits close to you, ask if she has five minutes for you.


Learning German and finding friends

You are sitting on the bench, reading your German book, a great woman or a man is sitting next to you and you can always ask questions. This helps you because you can learn German very quickly. At the same time, you get in contact with Germans, so it is a good way to make friends. Finding German friends is important because you can speak German with them. The more you speak, the better you become in German language. The more you listen, the more new words you learn. German friends are very important and helpful in learning German.

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Find friends while learning German