Mistakes you shouldn’t do in Germany

You should avoid these mistakes when you are new in Germany. There are some things that are just different here. It is therefore important that you know about the specifics. It is about how Germans act, how they live and what you should do to become a local.

Please watch this nice video cause it describes the differences in a beautiful and loving way:



New in Germany?

If you are new in Germany, you should think about some important topics. Where do I have to register? Which insurance is mandatory in Germany? Where do I find Friends in Germany? Please find a short summary right here.


German culture in general

Germans are very direct. I think that’s one of the biggest differences with other nations. If you ask a German, you’ll get an answer to that question. Germans are therefore not small-talk kings, they are considered honest and direct.

Culturally, Germany is Christian. Core values such as respect, openness and tolerance for minorities are expected to be known and lived.


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Don’t do these mistakes in Germany